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Following a recent committee meeting at Norfolk County Council, of all the providers and potential providers of Ultrafast broadband in Norfolk, only BB4ER is quoted in the County Council's press release.

On 11 May, members of BB4ER attended a meeting of the Council's Digital Innovation and Efficiency Committee to hear the discussion of the plans to be put into place to address the 5% of those living in the rural parts of Norfolk who are, and will continue to be, unable to access superfast broadband over the next few years.

BB4ER had had the opportunity earlier to discuss with council officers how the council could best help our efforts. These included such measures as helping to raise awareness and provide publicity to support the alternative network providers, working with the providers to help them obtain quick and cost-effective access to council owned assets to improve wireless broadband coverage and helping them obtain quick and cost-effective wayleaves for works involving council owned land and/or highways. We are pleased to say that the Committee unanimously approved recommendations set out by Geoff Connell, Head of Information Management & Technology in his report.

After the meeting our representatives chatted with Councillors and Geoff Connell and it was agreed BB4ER would be invited to attend a meeting with various departments at the County Council to work out how they can best help our initiative.

Lesley Marsden, who is the BB4ER member quoted in the press release said "The County Council Committee members are as keen as us to see access to good broadband services, and they are already looking ahead to what can be achieved for the County. The Government acknowledges that a Fibre to the Home solution will be the only way to ensure a future proofed broadband service. Our enterprise is one way this could be achieved.

She continued, "Coming so soon on the back of hearing that Vattenfall are keen to discuss our ideas for rolling out a community fibre project, we are very pleased that our growing group of volunteers is starting to make it’s voice heard."

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