BB4ER Volunteers Join the Dig at Scole

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Posted by GregChapman GregChapman
Trenching Near ScoleLast week Chris and Lesley Marsden, founder members of BB4ER and B4RN East Anglia, joined a team of volunteers from around Scole, near Diss.

The group Chris and Lesley were involved with were digging a trench along side a local road. Others were working on a local footpath and across fields. All were installing ducting in which fibre optic cable is to be inserted, "blown" to use the jargon. The fibre will connect the village hall at Scole to B4RN's 1,000Mbps broadband network.

A large cabinet is already in place at the village hall and from there all properties in the parish will be have the opportunity to get a full FTTH connection giving them the same hyperfast connection speed for both upload and download.

Community managed Fibre To The Home is coming to Norfolk. There is no reason for East Ruston not being able to do the same and get its own full fibre broadband network.