First Committee Meeting

Later News
Posted by GregChapman GregChapman
Last night the founder members of the campaign for Better Broadband for East Ruston met at the home of the editor of the village magazine the Ruston RoundUp.

It was a very productive session, with much information being gleaned from Michael Davey, who is a mainstay of a similar group that has been operating for a few months south of the A47. His key points included:

Cloud computing, smart homes and gaming, require an upload speed as fast as download speed.  These technologies are going to drive requirements for connections to be symmetric.

It is clear that the average household will require 1Gb/s within a decade.  You can't deliver gigabit speeds through copper wires or hybrid copper-fibre networks such as BT Superfast.  You can't do it through fixed wireless or microwave links or satellite as these technologies aren't symmetrical - upload speeds are much slower than download and for satellite, there is a noticeable delay.  You can only do it through pure, symmetrical, fibre to the home. A point-to-point network means that there is no active equipment in the middle of the network - just at the two ends of the fibre.  Because of the near-infinite capabilities of fibre, you can change the active equipment to get faster speeds through the same fibre.

He concluded that while was not for him to tell us what the vision for your community should be, but he hoped that we could see how their group came to the conclusion that for our communities our vision was to provide every rural dwelling in our service area with a dedicated 1Gb/s symmetrical point-to-point fibre connection.