First Step in Bringing Hyperfast Broadband to East Anglia

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Posted by GregChapman GregChapman
Spades!Today, B4RN East Anglia released news of its "Day Of The Spades", the official start of construction on their new community built and funded 1Gbps Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband network for rural Norfolk and Suffolk.

There's an excellent report at:
which includes photographs and a video.

Another, rather more technical article can be found at:

Although a fair distance away, members of BB4ER are founding members of B4RN East Anglia and both groups are working closely together in an effort to get improved broadband in our part of Norfolk.

While B4RN's traditional model is to build the network from one village to the next, meaning that it will take a while to reach the northern part of the county, BB4ER is hoping that in the new year it will be able to announce a dramatic way to leapfrog connection via the intervening villages and so form a second starting point for 1Gbps broadband in the north of the county.