Hyperfast Broadband now in Norfolk!

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Posted by GregChapman GregChapman

Today, the volunteers of B4RN East Anglia announce that they now have a 1,000Mbps Internet connection at Scole Community Centre.

Chris Marsden

This major step for the South Norfolk group proves it is possible, with just volunteer effort, to bring the best possible broadband service to rural communities like ours.

As reported earlier, Chris Marsden and Lesley, his wife, were two of the volunteers who were involved in laying some of the ducting that carries the fibre optic cable to the community Centre. They will be attending the press announcement being held today at Scole as both have real practical experience of what has been involved in making the project a success and, of course, both are key members of BB4ER.

Chris says, "This is really splendid news. The south Norfolk group was only formed a a few months before our own and it shows what is possible with determination and the support of local people. The community centre will now be used as a place to demonstrate exactly what is possible once you have fast reliable broadband."

You can watch a video which celebrates "The Day of the Spades" which took place just three months ago when the south Norfolk group started to dig the trenches in which the ducting holding their fibre optic cables was laid.

Michael Davey
Michael Davey

Tomorrow evening Lesley will be at our own Village Hall to explain all the research that has led BB4ER to conclude that we need to follow the same route. Chris will be talking about the four major pieces that need to be in place for our village to do the same. Also present will be Michael Davey, a Volunteer Director at B4RN East Anglia. He will be able to talk about how simple the technicalities involved are, showing there is no reason for not being able to repeat Scole's success in East Ruston.

Read the formal announcement of the Scole project at B4RN East Anglia's News Page.