Vattenfall Working With BB4ER on Broadband Problem

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Posted by GregChapman GregChapman
This morning Vattenfall confirmed that it is in discussions with BB4ER with a press release headed:

Community broadband group and offshore wind farm developer investigate broadband improvements in North Norfolk

Broadband Customers

During the public consultation on Vattenfall's Vanguard project, we approached them with the proposal that they could assist us by laying our fibre in the trenches that are part of their cable run. Our belief was that this would allow us to improve broadband speeds not just for East Ruston but other other communities along their cable corridor and thereby make it easier for us to reach the critical mass that would make our project sustainable in the long term. We agreed to submit a comprehensive feasibility study and we understand that this was instrumental in them taking our team seriously.

Obviously, we recognise that Vattenfall need to gain planning consent for their project for them to be in a position to help us, but their announcement and demonstration of the credibility they place in us should help convince potential investors and bodies offering grants that our project is worthy of support. That alone could enable us to start work on laying our cable within the village so we can connect the Village Hall to the Internet with our planned 1,000Mbps service. We would then have a place where we can demonstrate the real-world benefits of the service we will be able to offer.

If, later, Vattenfall are able to act on our original proposal, then that opens up the possibility for a large number of communities across North Norfolk being able to take advantage of a broadband service that will have sufficient future-proofing built into it to last a generation or more.