Village Hall Agree Site for FTTH Cabinet

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Posted by GregChapman GregChapman

FTTH Cabinet
This is a cabinet typical of those used by B4RN on whose
system the BB4ER network model is based.

Last week BB4ER secured an important agreement with the Village Hall committee. The hall will be the site for the cabinet to which all properties joining the proposed fibre optic network for the village will connect.

The plan is to give the Hall a free connection once the network is established and to use it to showcase the service. Open days will be arranged allowing anyone who may want to bring their own laptop, tablet or phone along to try it out.

Those who are familiar with the roadside cabinets to which BT connects telephone lines will recognise the similarity with the new village hall cabinet. Once connected to the new fibre optic network there will be no need for your old telephone line, as you will be able to rent a telephone service from one of the many companies that offer VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Such services are invariably considerably cheaper than any of those offered by conventional telephone service provider and can offset some of the fee for the new FTTH broadband service.